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Established in 1932

Погода в Беларуси - Дубровно
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     Joint Stock Company «Dubrovno Linen Mill» one of the largest industrial enterprises for primary processing of bast crops. Due to many years’ experience, great technological possibilities and high qualified personnel JSC “Dubrovno flax mill” is an enterprise with great volumes of industrial products output: long and short flax fibre, industrial textile (roughly combed and combed tape from linen), packing twine, polished twine, needle-punched fabric (flax batting), fuel briquettes of flax boon,tow.

     In life of the enterprise there were both favorable periods, and difficulties of the post-war period, and also dashing ninety years of the last century.

     The last two decades the plant dynamically develops, is among leaders in volume of products in Republic of Belarus.

     Production modernizarea, strengthening the material-technical base, picked up a competent l and friendly team.

     Production of flax fiber is made on two processing lines. Long flax fiber - on the equipment of Van Dommele company and MTA and short flax fiber-on the Deportere equipment also KPAL.

    Every year the volume of exports increases.

    Special attention is paid to the cultivation of flax, improving the quality of the trusts produced flax. The area sown to flax that is 2 thousand hectares, yield up to 4 tons of the trusts on 1 hectare.

    The plant has more than 100 units of self-propelled machinery, including 50 units of imported machines for flax harvesting. The number of employees – 230 people.

    The enterprise has been headed by Bosiankov Anatoli Dmitrievich since January, 1978.

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