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Погода в Беларуси - Дубровно
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Facts and figures regarding JSC «Dubrovno Linen Mill»:

•  founded in 1932;
•  renewed in 1946;
•  the second production line installed in 1961;
•  modernized in 1981;
•  was the first among two-flow flax mills of the Soviet Union to bring output capacity of industrial production of rotted stock to the mark in 1983 ;
•  flax mill was a winner of all-Soviet Union socialist competition for the period of the 1st and 2d quarters in 1984;
•  began the production of stitched fabric in 1991;
•  was the first in Belarus to produce cottonized flax fiber in 1995;
• began to manufacture flax twine in 1995;
• a mechanized brigade was created and began to cultivate flax on the territory of 500 hectares in 1998;
• began to manufacture polished twine in 1998;
•  turned to 100% mechanized harvesting of flax in 2007;
•  foreign line «Van Dommele Engineering» was installed in 2008;
•  began the production of punched fabric in 2009;
•  steam-turbine plant with the capacity of 150 kW has been installed.

DESCRIPTION of financial and economic activity of the JSC «Dubrovno Linen Mill»

 •  JSC «Dubrovno Linen Mill» is the largest enterprise and leading  flax manufacturer in Vitebsk region.
 •  Volume of rotted straw in stock – 10000 tons per year, flax seeds -  500-600 tons.
 •  Volume of produced flax fiber – 2,8 thousand tons.
 • Flax is cultivated on the territory of 2000 hectares.
 • The enterprise is fully equipped with the machines for flax  cultivation and harvesting (more than 200 units).
•  The enterprise began the production of polished and packing twine, punched fabric, textile material (roughly combed and combed tape from linen), kotonizirovannoe (сottonized) flax fibre.
• 50% of the area of flax the enterprise removes by separate method.

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